Stress and Anxiety

Using the power of the mind to transform

Moving Beyond Anxiety and Stress

Hypnosis is highly effective in addressing states of stress and anxiety. While experiencing the relaxed state of hypnosis, we can rewire the way you think.

To understand how this is done, it is essential to understand:

  • Neurons that fire together, wire together.
  • The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

By identifying new responses to the environmental triggers, we can then consciously interrupt the way in which you respond. After we interrupt the response patterns enough times, your brain begins to change the way in which the neurons fire together. The old way in which the neurons were wired together begins to naturally die away.  New connections are forged between the neural pathways which wire together to help form the new response pattern.

We utilize the state of hypnosis to practice these new response patterns and the subconscious begins to reshape the response pattern in the brain.  When you encounter the trigger in the waking state, the subconscious responds the way we have practiced while in hypnosis. Gradually, over time, we find that we are able to respond to those triggers without experiencing anxiety or stress states.

There are other tools in the hypnotherapist toolbox we utilize to address this issue from many different levels:


We start with the feelings that you experience as you encounter the trigger. The feelings that feed the anxiety are quite often fear, panic and shame. Together, we explore where these feelings located in the body. Many times we store stress and anxiety in the chest or the stomach. We work to have those feelings expressed to relieve some of the stress from the body. These emotions and where they are stored in the body give us clues about how thesubconscious is using these states to protect you.

The role of the subconscious is to protect you. It runs the patterns it runs and creates the response to triggers it perceives as threatening as a protective mechanism. Subconscious memories are stored thought out your body

This is a main component in making hypnotherapy so effective. Counselors and therapists try to treat feelings by talking about them with the client. Talking about feelings does not release, resolve or relieve them because emotions are not stored in the brain. They are located in the body.

Regression is used to allow the client to revisit one of the first times they experienced the same or similar feelings. In hypnosis, we actually address the subconscious mind and request that it bring to your awareness missing pieces of the puzzle. The subconscious mind is a huge reservoir of information, bigger than any memory chip in a computer. It stores a vast amount of information about patterns in your life which is easily accessed through hypnotherapy.

I use a highly effective method for this called 5-Path Hypnosis. This is short for Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis.  This allows me to follow a path from the emotions you experience, back through your life, to the initial incident where your subconscious felt it necessary to protect you by running the stress and anxiety patterns. We then use the wisdom of your mind to solve the problem it has created, healing the response pattern and transforming your life.

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