I’ve designed Moving Beyond Betrayal to help move you through and beyond the devastating sadness and feelings of loss and despair of betrayal.  It’s a 3-month goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide anyone experiencing betrayal into making the best possible decisions for their future while healing betrayal trauma.


Each of us have felt the sting of another breaking our trust, letting us down.

You may be in the middle of a story of betrayal right

Perhaps it is your partner who has betrayed your trust by having an affair. Maybe your best friend, a co-worker or your boss has tossed you under the bus.

Whatever the circumstances of your betrayal, undoubtedly, you feel shaken to your very core. Part of the devastation you feel is that which you thought to be true lies crumbled in a rubble of who you thought you/they were and what you thought was certain in your world.

But given the right support, the rubble becomes fertile ground for personal growth and transformation. We start by looking at the act of betrayal as a wake up call, summoning us from the trance we’ve been under and inviting us to initiate a journey of awakening.

While the shock of betrayal leaves us feeling shattered, devastated, isolated, victimized and immobile, it also opens the possibility for something new to arise in our life, something better. Betrayal provides an opportunity for the mythical phoenix to arise from the ashes. The ashes of betrayal are old roles, false identities, attachments, and fears. All of these have kept us from becoming our true selves.


The experience through healing is more spiral than linear. I guide you through the essential phases:

Step 1: Focus: Feeling Acceptance. I listen with total compassion and embrace you for your strengths and struggles. When you tell your story and someone bears witness to it the healing begins.

Step 2: Focus: Surrendering to What Is. Acknowledging where we are now, and feeling the anger, the grief the fear and the pain instead of resisting our feelings will deepen the pace of our healing.  We look underneath these boulders of betrayal to find the old wounding and limiting beliefs that may keep us from moving forward, and we learn to use the power of our mind to help us heal.

Step 3: Focus: Coming Through the Darkness and Into The Light: This step is all about debunking the myths in the relationship.  Myths are widely held but false beliefs we have about ourselves, others, and the story we have been living.

Step 4: Focus: From Breakup to Breakthrough:  We change the way we look at things and the things we look at change.  This is a promise. By examining the learning opportunities available to us at this time in our life, and learning to perceive through a different lens we can stop attracting the same story to our stage. Instead of trying to find the right person to love we explore how to make you more worthy of love, good love… the type of love that celebrates you and your uniqueness.

Step 5: Focus: Forgiveness.  What? Forgive after what I’ve been through? The only way to live a more passionate, positive and fulfilling life is by forgiving the past. Forgiveness allows us to address how we think and feel about others, ourselves, and hurtful situations and circumstances and release energetic patterns that might otherwise hold us hostage.

Step 6: Focus: Becoming a member of the Brave and Mended Heart Club.  We design your new life here. You’ve come through a tremendous transformative process. You will never be the same. Why settle for a life that is the same? Tremendous possibility awaits you (even if it doesn’t feel that way right now) and we design it now.

“We gained more clarity and hope in our first session with Karen than we did with three other therapists. Strategic Intervention gave us the clarity we sought on whether or not to go forward in our relationship.” 

Frank N

“I have grown through the storm because of the tools Karen provided me. Our work together has given me insight into how I am repeating the patterns in my life that are no longer useful. I have a strong vision for who I am becoming. Karen is very skilled with many tools to help you become who you are here to be.” 

Alicia R



Accept what you can’t control
Release your old stories
Invite and welcome the lessons
Step into your courage
Emerge with an open heart ready to Reclaim the life you deserve


In Moving Beyond Betrayal it is important to:

  • Examine the two sides to betrayal: the self betrayal (the inability to protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe from harm) and the betrayer and the event.
  • Look at the process of disengagement the proceeded the act of betrayal, and what needs were not being met within the relationship..
  • Clear the betrayals in the relationship . This is a crucial stage in the mending process. Each member of the couple has as much time as needed to discuss the ways in which they feel hurt, abandoned, betrayed, and disappointed in the relationship.
  • Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgiveness comes in layers. We forgive ourselves and the person who betrayed us.
  • Define and create a new “us”.
  • Rebuild the connection setting a solid foundation. Cracks form when things are built on weak foundations.

The good news is that relationships can and do survive, and even thrive, in the aftermath of betrayal. Call today to start rebuilding your world. 

Breakthrough to a New Relationship

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