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Strategic Intervention

A change model based on the work of:
Dr. Milton Erickson (Psychiatry & Hypnosis)
Cloe Madanes (Strategic Family Therapy)
Tony Robbins (Human Needs Psychology)

There’s nothing we want more than to experience deep joy, love and passion in our relationships. When our relationships begin to lack the romantic luster we once shared with our partner, when conflict overrides feelings of togetherness, it is hard to remember the vision you once held to be together for life.

It is possible to recapture that vision, and to learn the skills and communication patterns that will create a long, lasting, passionate marriage. Yes, the kind of relationship you dreamed of and envy in others.

You don’t have to spend years in therapy to create a successful partnership. In fact, the solution isn’t necessarily complicated.

With Strategic Intervention results are quick, effective, and lasting.

In Our Work Together You Will:

  • Learn the nature of conflict and learn how to manage conflict so it is healthy and produces growth in a marriage.  (You might be surprised: what you think you are fighting about is seldom what you are fighting about!)
  • Change the patterns causing relationship pain.
  •  Learn a more effective approach to difficult conversations to stop the negative looping. (In negative looping we tend to have the same conversations with little or no permanent resolutions.).
  • Identify and STOP the four negative conflict behaviors research shows lead to divorce.
  • Learn  to identify the top priority needs of your spouse allowing you to lessen conflict, increase intimacy and  passion and affair proof your marriage.

Strategic Intervention Verses Traditional Therapy 

  • Growth rapid, simple, effective.
  • Helps couples identify current challenges, learn skills and tools to build a more satisfying relationship.
  • No pathology or labels.
  • Finds the resources within the relationship, reveals them  to the individuals and builds upon them to improve relationship and  resolve issues.
  • Focus: What’s Now: What’s  Next? How do we get there?
  • 9-12 weeks = measurable change.
  • Progress often slow and painful.
  • Deals with past trauma and seeks insightful links to present issues to help heal the relationship.
  • Pathologizes and labels dysfunction in individuals.
  • Diagnoses individual dysfunctions and patterns of behavior, how they impeded the relationship, and provides guidelines for healing.
  • Why Now? Why Me? Why Us?
  • Often a year or more to change.

Previous Clients Say:

“ Karen helped us to quickly identify the real issue behind our incessant arguments. Each session gave us powerful tools and hope. Today we have more passion and friendship, and a different view of what marriage is and can be…” Rob and Sue W.

“Marital counseling. We got right to the point, and spent a few months in weekly sessions re-learning how to communicate. We got in, got busy, got back on track, and got it. done. Karen is very effective, and I am 100% delighted. I would do it again, and recommend Karen with full confidence.”- Bruce G.