Past Life Regression

Using the power of the past to transform mind, body, and relationships.

What is Regression?

Regression is a very gentle, but powerful tool, producing lasting change.

One of the key benefits of regression is that we access deep wisdom that goes beyond our current understanding.

This can be a self-healing process. When we heal our past, we heal the present. Those patterns and behaviors that we developed as a protective measure for what we perceived hurt us in the past, can literally dissolve during the session.

Have you ever wondered why certain life patterns have been so hard to turn around?  Do you have unexplained fears, phobias anxiety, pain or illness that persist despite you having done everything you could have possibly done?

A regression session may hold your answers.



Most people who undergo regression find it to be a very subtle, but effective means for personal growth and healing.  You were born as a soul with a rich tapestry of experiences from many lifetimes. Those unconscious memories have an energetic imprint on this life. These patterns carry charges, either negative or positive that can be triggered in this life. The negative patterns can trigger behaviors that block or hinder what we want to accomplish in this life – in love, well-being, family relationships, or our contribution to the world. Positive patterns can be accentuated to assist us to express more of whom our soul reincarnated to become. There is huge learning available in a past life regression session.

Roger Woolger, psychotherapist, and a noted researcher, trainer, and a leading practitioner in past life regression, noted “there were two layers to every wound.” There is the wounding which occurred in this life, and the wound from a previous life. They are entangled in the energetic field for the purpose of healing.

Healing of the mind and body after undergoing past-life regression are now well-documented in the literature. The degree of information you receive in your session depends upon your subconscious. It will only provide you with memories that we are able to deal with and are able to integrate into your present personality structure. If you have minimal experience with meditation or hypnosis, it is best to start more gently.

Receiving insight through regression is available to most individuals. Since I want to make sure it will be a successful experience for you, I ask that you call or email me before you book your appointment

It is my honor to guide you in this experience. I believe there is no accident in you choosing to work with me as your guide. I consider this sacred work. During this conversation, I screen you about your background, your intention for your session and what you would like to explore.

There is no way for sure that I can guarantee you will experience what you expect. About 90% of my clients experience a past-life in the first session.  If I accept you as a client, I will ask you to do some pre-work to help prime your subconscious mind to provide you with the information you seek. That being said, what you receive has more to do with your soul’s readiness to share insights, our rapport, your willingness to receive information, and whatever Providence determines. Each session is different.

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