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Karen is fiercely committed to helping people live lives full of passion. She is known for her non-judgmental acceptance of “what –is,” coupled with her compassion and truth-telling candor.   Clients affectionately refer to her as “Dr. Phil in heels.”  No matter how clients describe her, they regularly welcome the benefits they get from working with Karen.

That’s the conventional way to start your about page.

But I am not conventional. I do things to get results. I don’t run with the pack. I follow my heart.

My passion is working with frazzled couples tired of the drama and chaos in their home and weary from walking on eggshells with their partner and providing them with real-world solutions and no-nonsense intervention strategies. I give couples the education manual for a successful marriage they didn’t receive with their marriage license. Cropped-PP-fall-look-150x150

I believe “limits are learned.” What was once learned can be unlearned. New brain science confirms this. (Yes, I’m a Neuroplasticity geek; as the brain changes the mind changes!)  I assist individuals who are “stuck” by busting through negative beliefs and self-doubt, to create change and expand possibilities for manifesting their purpose.

Whether you choose to participate in my popular Relationship Renovation series, or seek support as a couple to create a more harmonious, passionate relationship, or as an individual to release the limits that have you circling in a holding pattern, one thing is certain:  when you apply what you will learn from working with me, you will feel like living life with purpose and passion is a more than just a dream – it’s a possibility.

How My Experience and Qualifications Serve You:

I’m no stranger to being a catalyst for change. My early work as a strategic change agent was from inside the classroom, a mentor teacher, then as a school administrator and then as the CEO of a county-wide dropout prevention organization. Working with disenfranchised youth gave me insight into how important it was to have a strong marital unit in the home. Where there was an absent parent, the remaining parent really needed to know themselves as an individual. That lead me to further graduate work in psychology. While doing my graduate work for my doctorate, I met my husband. I didn’t get my Ph.D. I traded it for an MRS.

We all come into relationships with baggage. I brought mine; he brought his: two awesome children, and one very vindictive, angry ex-wife. I quickly learned the psychology text book stuff in graduate school didn’t give me an exemption from real life woes.  I unsuspectingly walked into a scene from “The War of the Roses” that lasted the first 14 years of our marriage until she found a new distraction.

I promised to be married “for better or for worse” If it were going to be better, it was up to me.

I believe if you are going to transform the way someone else shows up in life, shift their world view – do it first on yourself. Nothing teaches you more about yourself or relationships than being in a blended family for 23 years. You get a host of interesting dynamics. I tell you there were several times when I could have run. But I stayed. I made the choice to do what is necessary to live my life from the richest level – a place I never would have dreamed of if these challenges had not presented themselves for my growth.

More About Me Than You Probably Care To Know

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Education from California State University at Chico, and an additional Masters in Psychology from the California Graduate School  of Professional Psychology. I’m the consummate learner so I’ve collected various additional certifications. I did my core coaching training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). After completing the basics, I completed advanced training in CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program and Co-Active Relationships Program.  As part of my on-going education I’ve earned advanced certification with the Robbins- Madanes Training Institute as a Strategic Interventionist, and studied under noted marriage researchers and therapists of the highly regarded Gottman Institute.

I hold many certifications in the fields of hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, and parenting. I use a little of all of this in my private consulting practice in my work with individual and couples and by teaching parenting courses, youth development workshops, and facilitating dropout prevention planning for communities nationwide.

Professionally, all this academic stuff is necessary, but I believe my greatest education always comes from the individuals, couples and families with whom I am blessed to work.

A Few Things About Me That Might Amuse You

–          In 1979 as part of a pit crew for a Chrysler sponsored off-road- rally car, I appeared on the cover of Off Road magazine. You have to look closely. My reflection is in the hub cap of the Dodge Colt.

–          While I’m just a duffer now, my great-uncle,Frank, once a pro at Pebble Beach, taught me to play golf so I would “meet the right kind of gentleman.” It must have worked; I’m heading into my 24th year  with my husband.

–          My personal library hosts over 2,500 books, most of which I’ve read at least once. A favorite way to pass free time is to bury my nose in a book and bury my feet into the fur of our dog, Colby.

–          “A Year of Miracles” by Marianne Williamson is among my favorite books. It reminds me anything is possible with a touch of faith.

–          Colby, affectionately dubbed, “HypnoDog” by clients, is known to visit the office on occasion. He delights in spreading love and receiving pets.  Iphone Pictures 498

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Karen would love to be the person you trust to help guide you into living a life filled with passion, free from limiting habits, behaviors and beliefs. Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best. Call (916)729-0737 or email karen (at)