How Much Does Relationship Coaching Cost?

If you are a couple suffering from a troubled relationship, you may feel there is only one way out – calling it quits.  But divorce at its best is complicated, messy and costly. More importantly, the emotional devastation can have lifelong after-effects, especially if children are involved.

Many couples in marital trouble postpone seeking support because of a perception that counseling can be costly, drawn out, with little beneficial outcome. When people call and the first question is “What are the costs of your services?” I like to ask, “What will it cost you if you DO NOTHING to try and fix your relationship?” 

When compared to the tens of thousands of dollars it will cost you to retain a lawyer to assist with a divorce, a realtor to sell your house, and the cost of relocating your family to a new living space, the price of support to repair and rebuild a relationship is nominal.

Investing in your relationship is priceless.

When you pay a skilled professional to assist you through the turbulent times in a relationship you are investing in tools, skills and self-knowledge which will last a life-time.

What price can you put on your emotional well-being? The emotional well-being of family members? The soul cost of living a life in quiet desperation?

Because I understand that expense can be a real concern for many couples, I have designed packaged programs that make repairing your relationship affordable.

It is far less expensive to get expert help for a few months than it is to pay tens of thousands of dollars in divorce fees.

The Strategic Intervention methodology allows for a targeted, effective and efficient process to make positive change. I offer rates that fit within your budget and are competitive compared to counseling rates in the greater Sacramento area, because I believe everyone deserves access to education, support, and knowledge that will allow them to repair the passion, communication, and intimacy in their relationship.

Transforming your relationship can fit within your budget.