I’m fascinated that every person who walks through my door, whether it be for assistance to stop smoking, reduce pain, release weight, gain confidence in sales, heal through the pain of divorce, or to purposely discover “Why am I here?”. They all seek the same thing.

More life.

It is the nature of all life to seek wholeness and growth and to express itself fully. Even the small seed that lands in the crack of the sidewalk will do its best to grow regardless of conditions. Not only will it do its best to grow, but it drops seeds, blueprints for more life.

Contained within the blueprint for life is a unique purpose that we are here to express. (Yes, you can access the blueprint with hypnosis. It is also in your natal chart.) Most people, somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50 seek alignment with this purpose, either consciously or unconsciously. Conscious alignment comes in many forms: seeking better health, more satisfying relationships; job or career changes; and/or responding to a strong desire to live or leave a legacy that enhances life for others. Unconscious alignment is known as the “midlife crises.” 

When the soul is expressing itself fully there is a myriad of markers or synchronicities that affirm our path. Doors of opportunity seem to always open. You feel passionate, full of energy. Things happen easily and the right people and resources show up just as you need them. Life flows; it feels rich, full and satisfying. People call this the “Midas” touch.

When the expression is stalled life is fraught with obstacles. Achievements seem dull and unfulfilling. Discomfort and uneasiness predominate over opportunity. It is difficult to find the energy, the will and desire to complete things. If you continue to persevere the obstacles and difficulties become more pronounced as your soul orchestrates experience after experience to let you know you have taken a wrong turn. This wrong turn can be either in the ways you are behaving or thinking. In most cases, the two are intertwined. An example of this is a person going through the motions of life in a dead-end, unfulfilling job or relationship, but choosing to stay.

Left unchecked this dis-ease begins to manifest in the body as physical symptoms which prompt most people to people seek healing. However, there have been many opportunities prior to the appearance of physical disease for healing to take place. Our internal guidance system, comprised of our feelings and emotions, is the first alert mechanism that the soul and the current life course are out of alignment. The more frequently we experience emotions of love, joy, peace, the more in alignment we are with our soul course.

The easiest way to tell if things are out of joint is to take the eight key areas of life expression: career, recreation, relationships, finances, health, spiritual expression, health, community contribution, and rate them on a scale of one to ten according to your satisfaction level. Let one be a low expression of life and ten be life is as good as life gets for that area. Any area scoring less than a ten is disjointed and needs to be reset so it can be on course again. Consider seeking assistance and support for areas severely misaligned.