Nearly a Ph.D in psychology didn’t teach me as much about myself as astrology. Had it not been for my first natal chart reading, the gifts of my soul might still lie dormant.

Your natal chart is your soul’s roadmap for this lifetime. It is the blueprint of what you are here to do in this lifetime.

I know. Who would believe that the placements of planets could have such an effect on us?

Astrology is a lot like electricity. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work.

I became fascinated by horoscopes at about the age of 12. I couldn’t wait to swoop the morning Chronicle off the doorstep, spread the sections apart and find my zodiac sign. Captivated by their predictions, I watched how the energy unfolded in my life.  I, like millions of other curious minds, found great comfort in these readings.

I loved to babysit for the neighbors across the street because she had books called Sun Signs. I devoured those books over the course of a summer of Saturday nights. I never considered it as having potential as a career. I just found it fascinating.  The closest course of study I could find to expand upon the psyche in college was psychology.

Nothing I learned in psychology gave me as much insight as studying myself through the astrological lens. The fascinating thing with astrology is you can continue to learn about yourself. The stars have many layers. The planets are continually entering into and out of relationship with each other providing the raw energies with which everyone has to build their life.

In a Psychology in the Workplace course, I took a personal strengths inventory. I remember my suggested careers according to the inventory: 1) interior designer 2) psychologist or counselor 3) teacher.

Today, I blend all three. I use interior designer with broad license – literally helping people redesign the way in which they think by using the tools of astrology, strategic intervention, and hypnosis.

I wouldn’t have put those three together if it hadn’t been for an astrology consultation I received from a spiritual astrologer during my late twenties. Like many who turn to astrology for answers during stressful times, I sought guidance. I had over 300 hours of psychotherapy as part of my training and preparation for my doctorate and I still didn’t have answers. My life appeared to be falling apart.

I could hear feel my soul tapping me on the shoulder but I couldn’t hear what it was saying. During the consultation with the astrologer, I received the answer. She pointed to my chart and told me I was not using my soul gifts. She explained that your natal chart was a blueprint for what your soul intended in this lifetime. Not only was she able to explain what was happening to me, (My first Saturn return.) she predicted themes forthcoming in the next year (with uncanny accuracy), promising better waters ahead if I navigated them consciously. She also told me to shed the administration suit and do what she was doing.  I had a natural gift for it. She cited several planetary placements and alignments from my astrological chart as proof.

I remember hanging up from that call and thinking I could never translate all those symbols into such accuracy about a person. I was literally mid-blown with how she was able to tell me about myself. I studied psychology for 9 years and couldn’t know a person like she had known me all inside an hour.

I confess. I thought her words mere flattery. I ignored her prompt to change professions.

What I know about the Universe is that if you are supposed to get a message, it will find its way to you. Fast forward through several astrology books, a few years, a chance friendship with a woman who did astrology for a living, and a Uranus opposition (aka midlife crises) I hear the same message, different messenger. I don’t ignore it. I just don’t embrace it fully.

I can be pretty hard-headed (Thank you Capricorn ascendant). Knowing this, the Universe sent me Charlie. When Charlie first came in he wanted three things: 1) to quit smoking; 2) to make a decision on whether or not to stay in his marriage, and 3) to figure out what to do with his life. We accomplished the first two items on his list rather quickly.  For the third item, my work with Charlie became like the book, “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Assisting him to live his greatest version of himself led me to really dive into astrology deeply for someone else.

I admit. I turned to his chart as a last­-ditched effort to find something, anything, that could explain what was happening, or for this case, what wasn’t happening in his life. Together, we sat down to work on the gems we found available to him in his soul’s blueprint.  While we had worked together on and off for several years, Charlie said the last season of work using his horoscope as a guide was by far the most productive.

That was the hook I needed. I entered a course of certification study to become an astrologer.

The Universe knowing I bit the bait, probably heaved a great sigh of relief.