It’s amazing what starting a blog can do to your mind. All this “stuff” comes out of your shadow self. The irony with this is this blog will be, in part, a blog about personal development. When I sat down to write the usual cast of shadow characters came forth lead by Miss Perfectionist.  She loves certainty. If my need for certainty is not being met you can bet your vanilla ice cream cone she is going to peek out.

Miss Perfectionist likes the rules. She wants to make sure I’ve done my research and I’m blogging correctly and I have consistent voice – “Shut UP” I shout to silence her rantings within the now hallow chambers of my mind.

Her perfectionism has scared all thoughts that could be of any substance away.

In defiance of her need for certainty, I’m not quite clear about what this blog will be about. The first post is never the most popular post so the pressure to be perfect is off. I haven’t done the keyword research and I have no content agenda.

Ugh. I’ve failed before I’ve even gotten off the ground.

Sometimes the best way to start is to take action – as imperfect as it may be – just get the energy moving. This website is not even fully developed yet. I could take you backstage and you would see all these pages being created for couples, singles, hypnosis, premarital counseling. Miss Perfectionist is having a tantrum with me putting the cart before the horse and starting a blog with an unfinished website.

Life is like that. Everything is a work in progress. You have to start somewhere. I’m sure there is a place in your life right now where you feel you are traveling on uncertain terrain.

In subsequent posts I’ll ponder the mysteries of the mind because as a hypnotherapist I am fascinated by the mind. More than a few posts will explore the vast frontier of relationships. Relationship conflict is the number one reason why people seek out an Intervention Strategist.

Maybe I’ll even let loose now and then with some pithy wisdom flavored with my quirky humor.

Through reading this blog you’ll learn the answer to the question “What is an intervention strategist?” We are a fairly new breed of professionals with our roots in the work of Milton Erickson, MD and our what we do best modeled by Tony Robbins –in arguably the biggest personal change agent on the planet.

Psycho-babble can be very confusing at times. You won’t find any here. A study in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology found that people who use big words don’t sound any smarter; I’ll stick to the words that are simple and eloquent and easy to understand.

I promise to strive for a conversational tone. After years of grad school, I feel like the creativity has been sucked out of me much like water from a rock.  Because so much of the personal development on-line is article-based and sounds like book fodder, I will try (Oh no, I hear my inner Yoda chiding me!) to keep my posts more conversational. Now that is a big goal…

What you might find here are my mind musings, which might seem a little like rambles or maybe rants. The great thing about a blog is you can write for your enjoyment.

Novel thought.

I expect I’ll be able to look back and see how I’ve learned about and grown as a blogger and as a professional dedicated to educating, inspiring, changing the planet one mind at a time. Hopefully, you’ll chime in and together we will create some dialogue. Welcome aboard!

Cue the big sigh. First post complete!